Saving the Environment with Bag-in-Box Pop and Juice


Often times when we think about bag-in-box products we think only about the amount of money we will save. Sure, the cost works out to about 16cents a can but there is more benefits than just that.  Each 12ltr box of pop syrup is equal to approximately 202 cans.  Ask any restaurant who serves pop in cans and they will tell you that the amount of cans they use is huge.   Cans and bottles are of course recyclable but it is still an item that if we can do without, we really should.  By using bag-in-box products we are trading 202 cans for 1 box and a bag.


Then, there are the other conveniences of using this type of product.  The most obvious to food service managers is the lack of lugging cases of pop or juice around.  Not only is it time consuming, it is also exhausting.  For servers, it is a time saver.  Instead of opening a can of pop and pouring it, they can simply press the button, finish the drink and move on to the next customer.  This increases the volume that can be served.


Basically, if you own or manage a food service location, it may be worth looking at having this type of system installed.  The savings in time, energy, money and waste make it a wise decision.  When making this decision, be sure to ask if there is a minimum order (Sodachill has no minimums), cost of delivery (again, Sodachill offers free delivery) and if there is free service (Sodachill provides free service).


Sodachill is a great choice for these products.  We have a huge selection and provide quick delivery.  Why not contact us today at 647-657-7770 or visit