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Our Slush Mixes

We offer the following pop in 20ltr bag in box. (makes 120ltrs)

The cost for a 20ltr BIB is $61


Ginger Ale

Lemon (Sprite/7-Up)

Orange Pop

Cream Soda

We offer the following pops in 12ltr bag in box. (makes 72ltrs)

The cost for a 12ltr BIB is $40


Ginger Ale

Lemon (Sprite/7-Up)

Cream Soda

Diet Cola


Root Beer

we offer a few varieties of Slush mixes. These are great for a refreshing drink or to mix with alcohol. These come in a 12ltr bag-in-box format and make 60ltrs.

Blue Hawaii (12ltr)$70

Cherry (20 ltr)$105

Our Juices

Juices have a reputation of lacking flavour when added to a dispenser. We can assure you that this is not the case with our products. Our juices are of the same great quality as the rest of our products. They also have a decent shelf life and due to the way they are manufactured, the flavour remains consistant.

Juices come in a 12ltr bag-in-box format. These boxes make 60ltrs. The prices vary based on the type of juice and required ingredients. They are listed below with the product.

Orange Juice $78

Cranberry $73

Ice Tea $73

Apple $73

Lemonade $70

Grapefruit $78

Mango $78

Fruit Punch $70

Pineapple $78

Bar Lime $73

Bar Lemon $73

Clamato $78

Our Soft Drinks

We know Great Taste!

All of the products below can be ordered by phone, email or our online order form

Emergency repairs are included free of charge providing that Soda Chill is the primary syrup provider


Energy Drink

12ltr box makes 72ltrs - $165