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Advertising Policies for

Sodachill offers oportunities for other small businesses in the industry to place an adversement on the website.  The purpose of this page is to explain the policies Sodachill has regarding advertisements.


Content requirments

1.  All submisions are approved at the sole descression of Sodachill and may not compete with any other advertised product on the page the ad is being placed.

2.  Content may not include nudity, inappropriate language or violent graphics. 

3.  Content of the ad must be industry related (food and beverage, food service or restaurant related services).

4.  Content may not e in direct competition with Sodachill or Sidachill products.

5.  Content may not negatively name another business.

6.  Advertisment must be sent in the form of an image (jpg, png etc.) Recommended size min 400px by 400px.

7  Product or service must ne accessable within the Southern Ontario Region.  (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area)



How ad is placed and cycled

1.  Each ad is placed in a series of 4 repetitive displays which cycle in the same order for as long as a user is viewing the page.

2.  Each ad is desplayed for 5seconds in each cycle (we recomend easy to read information).

3.  The advertising area is located on the right side of the page above the need to scroll.




1.  Advertising space may be rented monthly and is priced based on location and position in the order of that advertisment.

2.  The following prices are subject to applicable sales tax.


      Location and pricing

           a) front page 1st position ------------ $23.00

           b) front page 2nd position ----------- $16.00

           c) front page 3rd and 4th position -- $11.00


           d) any other page 1st position --===-----$15.00

           e) any other page 2nd position -----------$8.00

           f)  any other page 3rd and 4tht position -$5.00

3.  Payments are to be made in advance of approval and placement.



Service Agreement

1.  Any downtime in excess of 3hrs will be reinbursed based on the downtime portion of the monthly fee.

2.  Sodachill is not responsible for readability of submitted ad or for results produced by advertising.

3.  Ad space is reserved for 24hrs after the expiration of the paid term.  If the ad space is not renewed the ad space will be offered to other interested parties.

4.  The content of the ad may be changed 2 times throughout the rental period.  Additional changed will incure a service charge of $5.00.

5.  The beginning of the monthly rental is determined by the start of the first full day of rental and last for 30days.

6.  The monthly fee is not returnable should the advertiser choose to remove the ad mid month.

7.  By purchasing Advertisment space and submitting content, the advertiser agrees to the above listed information.

8.  SodaChill reserves the right to adjust and modify policies without notice.


To discuss or place an advertisment please email or call 647-657-7770