We began our current journey as beverage technicians.  While doing repairs, we had the opportunity to sample many of the pop and juice brands in the market.  Some were great while others lacked any real flavour.  This lead us to an opportunity to begin distributing a syrup that is teeming with flavour.  Since we had already tasted so many variations of cola our expectations were very high and this product exceeded that.


The next challenge was convincing protential customers that our syrup was infact very different.  That's a huge challenge since so many others before us had pitched the same story and came up short.  Especially when it came to juices.  Those who decided to give us a try where very satisfied and day by day, establishment by establishment we began gaining some ground. 


The norm of the industry is to provide equipment where needed.  This wasn't a huge issue for us since we started as a service company.  Installations came naturally.  In our ussual form, we looked at ways to exceed the set standard.  We kept our prices the same whether equipment was used or not.  It made no sence to offer free equipment but then have the price of product a bit higher to regain the cost.    We also added our 24hr free service to the mix and in the end came up with something that was unheard of. 


A POP AND JUICE COMPANY THAT WOULD COME FOR SERVICE OR DELIVER PRODUCT AT 11PM!  This and our commitment to our customers is what makes SodaChill who we are. 


All of our syrup products are produced locally.