Our Price is very Competitive

We have all had that pop that we know is a low grade pop.  They generally lack flavour and leave a slight chemical taste.  To make matters worse, some glasses taste better than others, even from the same box!  Completely awful for mixed drinks.  And, if the mixed drinks are bad, that means less sales.


Our pop is made with high quality ingredients.  The flavour is full and consistant.  We ensure our product is at the very best.  We believe that the product we sell shows who we are as a supplier.


To stay competitive, we choose to have a moderate overhead.  We refuse to sacrifice quality of product in order to increase sales and profit.  We aim for customer satisfaction with both price and quality.


While our products cost less than the more known, major brands, we tend to be at or near the same price as the "generic" products.  The difference is the taste and the effort we put in to making sure it is perfect.




We Truly Care About Your Business

Watching our customers succeed is very fullfilling.  When an establishment chooses us, they choose not only our products but also our loyalty.  We like to check in and see how our customers are doing.


We are available 24hrs for emergency service issues and have a quick responce time. 


We also choose not to have a minimum order or a deadline for ordering.  These type of restrictions can add pressure to our customers which is the exact opposite of our goals.  If someone only needs Cola, it doesn't make sence to force a larger order so product sits and waits to be used. 

Our Product Tastes Great

Why Choose Us?